Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is an interior design style where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age, signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. It is an eclectic style that mixes antique furniture with pastel colors, lace, and feminine florals. Shabby chic can also be referred to as country or vintage chic.

1. Mix minimal color with maximum detail
For a sophisticated take on shabby chic, stick to a palette of off-white or cream, adding white-washed or distressed wood for interest. Layer accessories with plenty of details and texture. Include crochet, linen, and lace fabrics.

2. Work in vintage accessories and feminine accents
Choose classic woven furniture. To create an elegant feel, paint an adjacent wall a fresh blue-grey shade. For a softer furnishing mix, match striped and floral fabrics with plain fabrics for seat covers and cushions. Hang a beveled mirror or oversized antique clock, and finish with fresh flowers and potted plants.

3. Play pick and mix with mismatched accessories
Shabby chic thrives on vintage finds. For a bathroom, the perfect example of how to try shabby chic decorating ideas on a minimal budget is: a salvaged cupboard, antique mirror and a vintage console table used a vanity.

Themes and Colors
• *Soft delicate colors: Soft white, light grays, pale pink, and faded green

• *Tea-stained fabrics: To give the illusion of age, a fabric can be made to look old, worn, faded, and soft by staining them with a brew of tea. Be sure to test a piece of fabric first to get just the right shade.

• *Combine patterns and colors: Combine stripes, checks, and floral fabrics to achieve a warm and inviting look. For easy mixing, keep the background color the same (white or ivory, etc.). Then choose one color to repeat in every fabric, such as a soft green or pale pink.

• *White painted furniture: Almost any piece of wooden furniture will fit into a shabby chic interior, if it is painted white. Collect pieces from flea markets or garage sales and spray with white paint. Sand off the corners, and rough it up a little. You now have shabby chic furniture.