Create a Backyard Oasis

Create a Backyard Oasis


Modern Cement Slab Patio with an Outdoor Kitchen

A modern patio with cement slabs laid in a geometric pattern, intermixed with small gravel and grass makes a perfect setting. Sitting on a larger slab, place a round table and surround it with green, outdoor dining chairs. Feature an outdoor bar with a stainless-steel grill, a small fridge and counter space. Place a wood L-shaped bench on one end of the patio, to create a secondary sitting area.


A Relaxing Backyard Oasis with a Hanging Rattan Chair

Turn a backyard into an outdoor oasis with the help of a large shade tree filled and rattan lanterns. Hanging from the tree, a rattan lounge chair creates the perfect relaxation spot. Lush landscaping and a modern wood fence ensure the outdoor space has lots of privacy and a large dose of nature.


A Vibrant Backyard with a Modern Wood Fence

A backyard oasis can be created with the help of a gravel-filled garden, a tiered stone fountain and lush landscaping. Add a large umbrella to provide ample shade and two lounge chairs nesting within the lush landscaping. Providing plenty of privacy to the backyard, install a modern fence to line the outdoor spaces' perimeter.


A Relaxing Backyard Featuring a Wood Patio

For a cottage-style home, add sliding doors that open to a wood patio. On top of the wood patio, place lounge furniture around a modern fire pit, creating the perfect conversation spot. A large umbrella can be used to cover the entire patio, ensuring the entire outdoor space stays shaded.


An Outdoor Sitting Area that Features a Raised Wood Deck

Create a backyard oasis with the help of a raised wood deck, lush vegetation surrounding the sitting area and a large umbrella that provides ample shade to the space. A large modern fire pit placed between understated lounge furniture and potted plants will create that Zen feel.


A Relaxing Fountain

A stone fountain situated in the middle of a sparse, yet tasteful landscaped area will add that “spa” like feel. A stone fountain will blend seamlessly into the surrounding area that's filled with neutral, but vibrant colors of nature. Lush shrubs and towering trees spot the landscaped area, bringing touches of green to the outdoor space.