Quick and easy DIY Storage Solutions

*Blanket Ladder

Put your favorite throws on display with a DIY blanket ladder. It’ll free up space in your closet and serve as a stylish accent for your home.


*Mobile Toy Box

Upgrade a basic plastic storage bin into a portable toy box with jute rope, fun fabric, and metal casters. Before company comes over, you can toss toys and other clutter into the bin and roll it out of the way.


*Ladder Shelf

Convert an old wooden ladder into a statement storage piece for your home. Fill it with books, plants, framed photos, or anything else you want to showcase.


*Kitchen Island on Wheels

If your kitchen cabinets are overflowing, build a rolling island that’ll hold a stand mixer, sheet pans, cutting boards and more. Ideal for small spaces, this storage solution easily slides out when you need it and neatly tucks away when you don’t.


*Coffee Can Bag Dispenser

Plastic grocery bags are handy to have around the house but can be unruly to store. Turn an empty coffee can into a clever bag dispenser by cutting an X-shaped slit in the center of the lid using a utility knife. Cover the canister with colorful cardstock and decorate with stick-on letters. Roll plastic bags together in a tight circle (like a sleeping bag) and place them in the canister, threading the first bag through the slit.


*Five-Gallon Bucket Tote

Transform a plastic bucket into an adorable (and sturdy!) storage tote. It’s perfect for stashing oversized toys and stuffed animals in a kid's bedroom.


*Bathroom Ladder Shelf

Add extra storage space to a small bathroom with a leaning ladder shelf designed to fit over the toilet. It won't damage the walls with nails or screws, so it’s great for renters.