Reduce waste with these organizing tips!

*Baby Food Jars

Transform those little glass jars into handy storage for small items like push pins, ponytail holders and more. Unscrew the lid from the jar, then glue a small wooden drawer knob in the center of the lid. Spray paint the lid and knob your favorite color and let dry before placing back on the jar. Use these cute containers as storage or to gift small items like candy or nail polish.


*Tin Cans

Light up summer nights by turning old soup and vegetable cans into glittering luminaries.


*Old Paint Cans

In just a few hours, empty paint cans can be transformed into colorful, industrial-chic planters by removing labels, adding drainage holes and applying leftover or sample-size paint.


*Egg Crates

Is your embroidery thread stash in desperate need of organization? What about your bobby pins, nuts and bolts, or batteries? Keep small items easily corralled with the help of a leftover egg carton.


*Pill Bottles

Looking for a clever way to hide a key that will fool even the cleverest of thieves? Simply remove the label and lid of an empty pill bottle and glue a rock to the top of the lid using heavy-duty super glue. Once dry, drop a key into the bottle, replace the lid and bury until only the rock is visible.


*Cereal Boxes

Don’t toss those family-sized cereal boxes – repurpose them as magazine organizers! Carefully cut the cereal boxes at an angle from the top, using sharp scissors or a craft knife. Cover with wrapping paper, wallpaper or contact paper to keep issues of your favorite magazines stylishly organized.


*Tea Tins

If you've always wanted to keep herbs indoors but simply don't have the counter space, this smart upcycling project will have you cooking with fresh ingredients in no time.


*CD Case

Keep your TP free of bugs and debris on a camping trip by turning an empty cd spindle into a handy tissue container.