Small Patios with a pop

Screen It

Frame a small patio with a bright lattice screen which will also enhance privacy.


Think Tall

With small spaces, sometimes the sky is the limit. Small spaces need an element to draw your eye up. When you add height, such as bamboo in a container, you don't need to spend money on plants to fill every space across the fence or wall.


Find a Fountain

The contained nature of a small urban courtyard gives you a huge opportunity to bring in a cool feature. 


Use Black

Using a black railing can fit with traditional or modern architecture of a patio or porch, and it can help the railing, or a fence seem to fade away when you're trying to relax and enjoy the view. Spray-painting a chain link fence black will result in the fence being far less obvious and more likely to fade into the background than with a silver chain link fence.


End-of-Season Sales

In a small space, you are already saving money by not buying a big outdoor furniture set but cut your costs even more by visiting home decor and garden stores after Labor Day for end-of-season deals on items such as chairs. If you find a used set of chairs instead, you can spray paint the metal to freshen the finish, 


Splash on a bit of Color

Recover wood or metal chairs in a fun fabric, to add panache to a bistro set.