Bathroom Updates For “Almost” Free

Bring Out the Bath Towels

Put pretty towels to work by artfully arranging them in a large basket or repurposed waste can. Display in an empty corner or under a floating or pedestal sink for a pop of cozy color.


Shop Your Yard

If your yard is teeming with gorgeous greenery, grab those clippers and put a few branches on display. 


Paint One Wall

Repainting an entire room may not be in the budget, but you can pull off a small accent wall with a quart (or maybe even a sample can) of paint in a trendy color


Raise Your Curtain Rod

Add instant height and luxury to make your bathroom feel larger by raising your curtain rod almost to the ceiling. You might have to invest in a new, longer shower curtain.


Upgrade Your Wastebasket

Trash that cheap garbage can and shop your home for an unused woven basket or flowerpot that will fit the bill.



Ditch mismatched packaging and give your shower or bathroom sink a cohesive look by decanting store-bought shampoo, hand soap, shower gel and more into beautiful custom bottles.


Use Handy Organization

Look for creative alternatives to get organized. A vintage wire basket hung above the toilet makes a cute and accessible bin for storing extra toilet paper.


Paint the Door

Add a burst of welcoming color by painting the bathroom door a bold hue. If a colorful door won't match the rest of your home or experimenting with color makes you nervous, just paint the back for a fun surprise when the door is closed.


Add Storage with Shelves

Double or triple your storage potential by utilizing vertical space. Grab leftover boards from a project or reclaimed wood and turn them into floating shelves. A trio of shelves adds extra storage space for towels, toilet paper and toiletries.