Clever Ways to Hide the “Ugly” Stuff in Your Home

TV Cords + Speakers
Keep TV cords and speakers out of sight with a do-it-yourself pallet accent wall and a beautiful storage bench underneath.

Chic Magazine Storage
Magazines piling up? Keep them decoratively organized by rolling them up, then storing in a vintage, weathered soda crate.

Cover Shelves With Fabric
Give old shelves an update with colorful fabric. This is a great solution for renters!

Say Goodbye to Packaging
Is your open pantry an eyesore? Tidy it up by emptying packaged foods into chic, clear storage containers

Cover Stairs in Fabric
Give your plain wooden stairs a facelift by covering them in inexpensive, store-bought table runners.

Bathroom Baskets
A large woven storage basket provides a stylish spot to discard wet towels and dirty laundry in the bathroom. Keep similar baskets around your home for a quick place to stash toys and other unsightly items before company arrives.

Cover Up Popcorn Ceilings
Forget scraping! Easily cover up those ugly popcorn ceilings with a DIY planked wood ceiling

Stash Your Pillows
The age-old adage, "Where do I put my throw pillows at night?" is now solved. Pretty woven baskets placed at the end of the bed add style and a quick place to stash pillows, blankets and more.